Champaign-Urbana News Gazette, Concert review

“In a group of four songs from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, Goldstein revealed distinctive talents as a singing actress. She moved with ease from the pathos of ‘Come Away Death’ to the waltz rhythms of ‘I am Gone, Sir’, and then to the bluesy Broadway idiom of ‘When That I Was and a Little Tiny Boy’. The program ended with Goldstein singing five songs by Ives, arranged by Jonathan Faiman for violin, cello and piano. Goldstein’s voice beautifully conveyed the impulsive, enthusiastic mood of ‘At the River’, and her rapt interpretation of ‘The Light that is Felt’ had some lovely legato singing. At the end of the set, Goldstein sang with gusto a poem about Charlie Rutlage. As Encore, Goldstein sang ‘Ever of Thee’, and sang this lovely melody with touching pathos”.

– John Frayne, Champaign-Urbana News Gazette, March 2004